Temporary Closure of Reading Room for Broadcasting the Live Matches of Australian Open 2019 19/01/2019
Suspension of Disposable Plastic Bag Supply at Changing Room 16/01/2019
Opening Hours During Chinese New Year 07/01/2019
Resumption of Admission of Members in Phases 31/12/2018
Veterans' League 2019 Fixtures 28/12/2018
Mixed Doubles League 2019 Fixtures 28/12/2018
Junior Team Tennis 2019-Spring Fixtures 28/12/2018
2019/2020 Parking Label 09/12/2018
Temporary Closure of Bowling Alley for Hong Kong Interclub Tenpin Bowling 2018-2019 07/12/2018
Swimming Pools Opening Hours – Winter Season 12/10/2018
Corkage Charge 31/05/2018
Minimize the Use of Takeaway Containers 08/12/2017
Photo-taking at the Club
Ordering Chinese Restaurant dishes in Club Café
Club Smoking Area
Tipping Staff
Reservations for the Chinese Restaurant
Security Guards to assist members in Car Parking and Taxi Hailing
Late Cancellation / No-show Charge of Restaurant VIP Rooms
Dinner Reservations for the Chinese Restaurant on Sundays
Stair Climber