Temporary Closure of Bowling Alley for Hong Kong Interclub Tenpin Bowling 2019-2020 20/11/2019
Fixture of Annual Tennis Tournament 2019 18/11/2019
Routine Inspection of Gym Machines 16/11/2019
Temporary Closure of Table Tennis Room for Table Tennis Handicap League 2019/20 15/11/2019
Temporary Closure of Badminton Hall for Reservation of Outside Bodies 02/11/2019
Temporary Closure of Reading Room for Fitness Seminar 02/11/2019
Temporary Closure of Reading Room for Wine Tasting 29/10/2019
Booking Service of Badminton Hall 15/10/2019
Swimming Pools Opening Hours – Winter Season 10/10/2019
Overnight Parking 08/10/2019
Club Emergency Measures 07/10/2019
Reservation Procedures of Gymnasium Coaching Services 04/10/2019
Increase in Subscription 01/10/2019
Temporary Closure of Bowling Alley for Autumn Bowling Handicap League 2019 01/10/2019
Guidelines for Using Gymnasium 01/10/2019
Revision on Swimming Coaching Fees 29/09/2019
Restaurant Reservations 28/09/2019
Two Dinner Seatings at Chinese Restaurants on Weekends and Public Holidays 25/09/2019
Time Change of Evening Session Guest Parking 07/08/2019
Addition of Morning Session Guest Parking 02/07/2019
Daily Cleaning Sessions of Gymnasium 01/07/2019
Adjustment of Administrative Fee for Change of Special Nominee 01/07/2019
Resumption of Admission of Members in Phases 26/06/2019
Use of Club's Carpark by Guests
Ordering Chinese Restaurant dishes in Club Café
Club Smoking Area
Tipping Staff
Security Guards to assist members in Car Parking and Taxi Hailing
Late Cancellation / No-show Charge of Restaurant VIP Rooms
Dinner Reservations for the Chinese Restaurant on Sundays
Stair Climber
Minimize the Use of Takeaway Containers
Photo-taking at the Club