At the very beginning the Club originated on the ground floor rented premises of a house in Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong - the purpose was for the residents in the area who enjoyed gathering together for pleasurable activities, as well as a game of mahjong followed by a traditional meal. It was called Garden City Club.

Soon this friendly gathering place became too small to satisfy the needs of members, so they formed a building scheme for formal registration as a club.

The Governor, Sir William Peel, approved the Club's application and a new club commenced operation at 119 Waterloo Road.

Besides providing a gathering place, the Club sought to protect the interests of residents of the Kowloon Tong area. A seven-member committee was soon formed and J. M. Wong was the Chairman. At that time, the annual subscription was $10 and there were less than a hundred members.

It was decided to raise a loan of $40,000 for a club building etc., by issuing debentures of $10 each with yearly interests. After plans had been drawn for the Club, it was decided that a school should also be added. The school is now known as Kowloon Tong School.

In 1935, the Club began to occupy its present premises, 113A Waterloo Road. At first, it was a mere one-storey building that housed badminton, billiards, tennis, lawn bowling and a bar. By 1939, the limit of 300 membership was reached and a waiting list began.

During World War II the Club ceased to operate and was needed as offices by the occupying forces. After the war, some General Committee members rallied round to reopen the Club doors by enrolling as Life Members to strengthen financial resources.

Efforts were soon made to refurbish the Club and support from previous members was sought.

Management problems arose in the early years could not be solved due to lack of relevant managerial expertise in club operation. But, eventually a suitable person was appointed to resolve the Club's management issue.

Membership had grown rapidly. In 1968 it was resolved to expand the existing premises. Again funds were raised by two methods - issuing debentures and building fund subscriptions.

The old building was replaced by a new club house in 1971. Kowloon Tong Garden City Association was renamed as Kowloon Tong Club. By the end of 1978, the Club had enrolled more than 1,500 members and maintain a bank balance in excess of one million dollars.

We are proud to provide members with the best leisure and recreation facilities. The Club's comprehensive sports facilities and wide variety of programmes get a well response from members. We are committed to extend our services to accommodate the well-being and needs of all our members.

Majority of the members and their families have participated in our outdoor activities, swimming gala and all kinds of sports competitions. Annual tournament, championships and inter-club league games as well as international and overseas events are held throughout the year in every field of sports e.g. swimming, badminton, billiards, bowling, table-tennis, golf and tennis providing an opportunity for the members to show off their talents. Besides these events, social gatherings, dancing and Christmas parties are organized for the enjoyment of members. The present Kowloon Tong Club has certainly made great stride from the early days.

At the moment, we have over 2,299 members and a strong team of over 135 staff serving in the various departments of Administration, Accounts, Sports, Membership, Social, Purchasing, Technical, Security and Catering. Our committed team endeavors to make the Club a homelike environment to the members.